Flower gardens provide a visual feast, brightens the soul. Modern gardens are beautiful, most with hybrids that have been bred for show at the expense of other traits. Seed propagation, background foliage texture, and the one I really question, FRAGRANCE, which should be part of the garden experience.

Fragrance is the wafting sensation to our nose and brain that calms and excites the senses. Other than for allergies, what is a rose without fragrance? Fragrant Jasmine drifts in the open window on a warm spring night. Yellow Honeysuckle, with the aroma that attracts pollinators and reminds me of holidays with extended family as a child. Fragrance is a part of history that needs reviving.

The links above were the first search attempts looking for Fragrant Jasmine and Honeysuckle I made searching out fragrant plants. When the honeysuckle blooms I'll let you know.